2. I know how to walk down the corridor.

Nr 2 of 40 decisions every teacher must make

Decide your way of walking around the school.

Children, young adults, and even your colleagues, consciously or unconsciously, are making decisions about who you are, what you want, and how seriously you approach your profession. Yes, we all walk differently, some slow, some fast, some stopping to talk, some in a hurry, but do you walk with purpose? Your determination and professionalism can be seen simply by observing your movements.

Your challenge: Experiment with walking with just a bit of more purpose and pride.

Observe how this makes you feel. Observe how others look upon you. Yes, it might very well seem insignificant, but the intention is to show pride in yourself and your profession, and that is not insignificant at all.

From the book The 40 Decisions Evert Teacher Must Make (available on Amazon Kindle)