Leadership Decisions

Leadership decisions for teachers, pre-school teachers, principals/headmasters. The contents are also available in book form from Amazon Kindle. Go to: amazon.com/author/johnsteinberg and you’ll see it there along with my other English Amazon Kindle books.

1. I know my purpose

Nr 1 of 40 decisions every teacher must make. Decide your purpose Why are you a teacher?What attracted you to this profession?What do you want to accomplish?What do you want to be remembered for? Your challenge Write down your purpose…

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3. I know how to enter a room

Nr 3 av 40 decisions every teacher must make. Decide your type of entrance into a room.  You have three choices. A. A passive, informal, defensive, or laid-back entrance. B. A neutral, unobtrusive, non-descript entrance. C. An offensive, positive, ”we’re…

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2. I know how to walk down the corridor.

Nr 2 of 40 decisions every teacher must make Decide your way of walking around the school. Children, young adults, and even your colleagues, consciously or unconsciously, are making decisions about who you are, what you want, and how seriously…

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