Strength & Mentor interviews – English

Meet some of my mentors and let me introduce you to my version of brief-time strength interviews. Please contact me if you are interested in an individual interview or an interview for your group. Now and again, one benefits from provocative and constructive questions about how to use your strengths and values to meet coming challenges.

Mike Pegg, mentor, friend, colleague and world renowned coach to entrepreneurs and leaders
Michael Grinder, world expert on non-verbal leadership and communication
Martin Richards, Coaching in education
Values talk with dog training as a metaphor for learning och personal growth with Maria Jones
Interview with Principal Sandy Schöfer, IES, Sigtuna
Learn-talk with Lara
Learn-talk with David
Strength talk with Sabrina Peck
Renée Barlow, coach and an inspiration to many
Strength talk with Sara Silverman
Strength talk with Martha Warren, music teacher and opera singer
Karen Kaplan, art teacher and artist
Charles Gillett, children’s book author