Your Talkshow can be used for many various purposes

–      Interviewing (from friends and family to leaders or celebrities). Do a Talkshow with your family. Do Birthday or Anniversary interviews. Interview colleagues, bosses, teachers, local celebrities, or personalities. Get that quirky friend or acquaintance to open up and explain how they think. Ask that cashier how they maintain that sunny look on life. Find out how your friend turns a seemingly boring job into a work of art and wonder.

–      Themes. Do you have a particular interest in horses, cats, books, Legos, sports trivia, film stars, astronomy, marathon running, filmmaking, acting, politics, fashion for ten-year-olds, creative writing, mystery novels, ballet, 1950’s rock, 1990’s sitcoms, wealth accumulation, time management, climate change, servant leadership…. Whatever the theme of your interest, you can find experts or others with the same interest to interview. Molly’s Pony Ride Adventure Talkshow – why not?

–      Lecturing. Tired of sitting and listening? A Talkshow interview will give an expert or author an alternative or complementary way to present his or her information in a form that more easily will capture an audience. Lectures can be fine, but complemented by insightful questions will give even more food for thought.

–      Learning. Want to learn something new, from how to fix a plumbing problem to how to learn about a new culture to how to take better photos? Invite an expert to your Talkshow and ask them to show you – and then share it with others who want to learn. (Remember, it’s called Talk and Show (almost like your kindergarten ”Show and Tell”). 

–      Clarifying. Use, for example, a 15-30-minute Talkshow to get the ball rolling at a conference, course, or board meeting. Ask insightful questions about purpose, goals, values, or procedures. Imagine how you can liven up your staff meetings with a Talkshow format to start things off. It’s a way to get more people involved and engaged. 

–      Analyzing. See someone do good work, give excellent service, solve a problem, make an excellent presentation, change someone’s opinion or make a challenging task look easy? Well, invite them to your Talkshow and learn how they do it.

–      Hunting. Finding other people’s talents, strengths, and values and giving another person a boost as they find their next step – what could be more rewarding? Remember, you are in this for the people you talk to, not just yourself. Help others grow, learn, think, make decisions and find their next step. They will appreciate the boost as you encourage and puff them onward.