Introduction: How to create Eureka Moments as a parent

There are happy moments: when your child is born, takes their first steps, says Mommy or Daddy, goes off to nursery school or starts kindergarten. These early milestones mark their growth and development. So too is graduation from high school, getting that first score in a match, or learning a particularly hard skill. 

There are surely sad moments, too, from cuts, bruises, or tears that come from hundreds of small or big events from illness to breakups with friends or boyfriends/girlfriends. 

Then there are Eureka Moments. A Eureka Moment is that time you see your child figure something out or say something that you never could imagine at that age; they would be able to do or say. Those moments of surprise and insight that come from your child or young adult are your Eurema Moments. 

A Eureka Moment is that moment of understanding, awakening, or joy from learning, solving a problem, discovering a new thought, or putting the pieces together to make something work. It could be that unexpected comment that makes you laugh or turn your thoughts upside down.

This course is devoted to how you can create even more Eureka Moments in your relationship with your child or young adult. It’s not about increasing achievement (getting that first soccer goal), receiving that longed-for Christmas present, telling that joke at a gathering of relatives, or showing off their dance steps for your friends. 

It’s about deepening your relationship through the art and science of dialog. Yes, this is a short course about talking – having short (or long) meaningful conversations. 

How does this course work? The lessons are text-based, with a few short videos. So what can you expect to learn?

– The power of knowing your purpose as a parent

– The importance of your attitude and values

– What questions work, and what questions do not work, for example, when your son or daughter comes home from school 

– How even the shortest of conversations can be meaningful, which we call one-foot conversations

– How to ask clarifying questions

– How to look for hidden strengths, talents, and brilliance

– How to follow up in a stubborn but nice way

– How to create a sharing culture in your home

The texts and videos will only take you about two hours to go through. You will receive encouragement, be reminded of important principles for your parenting, gain some practical skills about the art of conversation, and learn to ask questions that lead to a sense of wonder and discovery.

The pain point of all relationships is that feeling of misunderstanding, miscommunication, uncertainty, or, in some cases, that feeling of disconnect or abandonment. Everyone’s life situation is different. If you have enrolled in this course, one thing is true – you are ambitious and really do want to be the best parent you can be. You are willing to learn and challenge yourself.

We live in stressful times with high demands upon our time and energy. A course like this is not a miracle cure. This course is simply a puff forward in your caring and abilities to make a connection, enhance a relationship, and build trust and cooperation. That’s more than plenty!

A word about me, your guide through this Eureka Moments course. My formal background is a Ph.D. in educational psychology. “Empowerment” is my life theme and the core purpose of all I do. I have experience as a school principal, university lecturer, and consultant with an academic background. I am passionate about the hows and whys of education and learning. Good to know is that I grew up in the USA but have lived in Sweden for 50 years. I have three sons and seven grandchildren and am the “father” of 55 books about values, learning, school development, and communication. 

I certainly do not have all the answers about parenting, and I certainly have made and continue to make mistakes, but I do have experience! And I do know a lot about the art of a good conversation. So I’ll share what I know and hope it enriches your relationships.