John Steinberg, Ph.D.

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John Steinberg, Ph.D., and author of 55 books about learning, values, leadership, and training, has developed a unique brief-time (5-7 minutes) interview method to help people and organizations rediscover their strengths, purpose, and commitments.

What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Where are we going? What are our core values, purposes, messages, and solutions? What is our next step? Let me talk to you about your values, your direction, and your strengths.

Go to John’s Amazon author page to see available books in English. Know Swedish? Search for John in your internet bookshop and see the book section of this site.

There is a brand new book on Amazon.com called Two Ways to Walk into a Room. 25 lessons for teachers. There ARE two ways to walk into a room to win the students’ trust and cooperation – or not. About a 90-minute read. Here’s the link and the cover:

Lin to Two Ways to Walk into a Room: https://a.co/d/4hy1Owk

Be a guest on John’s Talk Show

Find your core values, strengths, and strategies with John’s brief-time, strength-based interview method. Try it out. The method can be applied to Individuals, groups, workshops, conference interviews, etc. Get in touch. Examples in English and Swedish are on the Talk Show page on this site. FOLLOW MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL with dozens of examples from my TalkShow – English and Swedish

Online courses in English

Four online training courses are currently available free in my training library on this home page. Here is the direct link.