Three seconds in Paris

Introduction video:

The scene: A city square near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Åsa and I are tired of walking and are looking for a nice café to rest and revive ourselves. We wander into a square with several cafés, and a waiter catches our eye and leads us into his café without saying a word. We ordered, and everything was fine, but I got to wondering, what the heck just happened?

Why did we end up here and not another place? My profession as an educational psychologist kicked in, and I started to analyze those three seconds before we decided where to go. What did the waiter do right? What were the small details that made a difference?

It is years later as I write these words, and I still reflect upon those three seconds.

In this course, we will talk about the first twenty seconds. That’s lots of time either to make a good first impression, create trust, or enhance a relationship. 


The photos in this course are all from and can be traced for the source.