2. Higher Purpose

This lesson is about putting words on your higher purpose as an education. This may sound abstract, but understanding and communicating your higher purpose will help you understand the philosophy and methods of this course – and help you achieve your higher goals as an educator.

Below is the video for lesson 2.

The first example of a Learn Talk is with Tavish. Just try to get a sense of what I’m doing and the model that is in my head! It’s not at all complicated and certainly not revolutionary. I lwant it to be simple – but simple does not always mean easy. You need to understand the philosophy behind this and then the model, which is what this course is all about. See how Tavish has already figured out strategies for learning and getting from A to B. He didn’t need much help from me, so much of the conversation is just confirming what he already does well – and that’s part of the purpose, to see, affirm and confirm strategies.