Welcome to Eureka Moments for Teachers

Welcome to the course Eureka Moments for Teachers. You will see and learn how to do a brief Learn Talk (metacognition interview) with your students. You will see how to make a Strength Star with your students. We will be discussing broad, important topics like motivation, metacognition, higher purpose, learning, and teaching in ten 5-8 minute mini-lectures. You will see examples of Learn Talks with John, your course leader, and guide. This course is video-based. There are no quizzes, diplomas, or requirements other than to encourage you to follow along and discuss your thoughts and learnings with your colleagues. Follow along at your own pace. Once you’ve joined it will be there as long as teachable.com is here. Of course, I’d appreciate you sharing the links to this course with other teachers and principals.

There are two types of videos. The first video is the mini-lecture for the lesson. The second (not in every lesson) is an example of a Learn Talk with a student. Let’s get started and may this lead to more Eureka Moments for you as an educator – and for your students.

A few words about your guide and course leader – that’s me. Ph.D. in educational psychology from Uppsala University in Sweden, but have a background from the USA (U.Michigan and U.Massachusets for M.Ed). My life theme is Empowerment and my major effort is to change the paradigm of education from hunting weaknesses to hunting strengths, talents, and the student’s learning strategies.

Let’s get started. Below is the introductory video.