7. In-depth learning

One of the greatest challenges of teaching is knowing if the students understand the topic or not. How do we recognize understanding? What can we do to enhance understanding? How much does pedagogical methodology play a role in the learning process? How much is the teacher’s responsibility and how much is the student’s responsibility? What role should the parents play in all this? No, I do not address all these topics in the lecture for lesson 7, but it is important to understand that in-depth learning is more than just passing the test and the broader picture we can give students about the learning process the more the likelihood that they just don’t learn for the test or grade and then forget. Explore the world of deep learning.

This interview was done with Lara on her cell phone. Technologically it’s not good, but that’s the whole point. Technology is not the thing – it’s the content and the conversation. Lars knows a lot about her learning process and has high expectations. A brief Learn Talk is just fine and I do not suggest filming them. It’s a private exchange and private conversation. In these cases, I have permission, of course, and told both students and parents I was doing this for an online training program.