8. Build on strengths

The higher goal and purpose of this course is to help educators move from a focus on weaknesses to a focus on strengths. This video gives a brief introduction to strength theory and explains more about what to look for. There are traditional strengths, things that school grade and appreciate. There are also non-traditional strengths, talents, skills, and personality traits that may not get graded in school, but can be the backbone of one’s career and life. We need to see, acknowledge and build even upon the non-traditional strengths of the student.

The lecture explains.

The final interview I show here is with Isa, obviously a good student and can plan her time. I suggest trying these interviews out, to begin with, with both students you think can verbalize and understand their process and a few you might feel will have difficulty with this and their schooling. Don’t worry if the student can’t verbalize and answer all your questions. The most important part of the whole idea is to be curious about their learning. That showing interest often does wonders and is the first step to more Eureka Moments.